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Lower costs & faster turnaround

CNC Laser Cutting

Any client would want to cut down on manufacturing costs. CNC laser cutting is done with the internationally recognized Amada FOMT NT series machine. This automatic machine eliminates extra machining and tooling, saving time and energy otherwise. Whether it’s a sheet, tube or a plate. our CNC laser cutting service will accommodate even the most complex detail with good edge quality. 

CNC Bending

Fast metal sheet fabrication with CNC press brake P.S.P Laser Tech Pvt. Ltd. has an independent department, where after the laser cutting process, materials are moved for bending. As per your requirement we mould the materials simply by changing the bend angles or the number of bends. Whether it’s a metal sheet or a plate, any complex shape or size is achieved by using the CNC press brake machine.

Customised Fabrication

Sculpting metal sheets, the P.S.P way displaying topmost quality of craftsmanship in fabrication services, we cut metal sheets and plates in the desires form as per your needs, the fabrication job is handled by professionals with years of experience and expertise in the metal fabrication process. According to the specification exactly as you mention. People prefer us mainly over others, because we can get your entire project under one roof. 


We under take PU (Polyurethane) Coatings , where we convert every steel polished into gold, Copper, Bronz, Brass etc., coating. It provides a thin film, high gloss finish and matt with exceptional weathering performance characteristics. This coating, commonly referred to as poly coating, is used in virtually all industrial and Interior Products to provide a smooth durable finish that has superior resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemical exposure.

About Us

P.S.P Laser Tech Pvt. Ltd. is consider as one of the leading manufacturers of customized metal sheet fabrication. Established in 2011, our workforce consists of highly skilled engineers, professional fabricators and experienced contractor. Employing the latest technology in metal cutting industry, our state-if-the-art infrastructure meets international standards and demand. Our constant endeavour is to be the best in the business by providing finest solutions to yo. keeping a flexible and innovative approach towards every project, we turn expectation in to possibilities. treating every assignment like our first, we walk that extra mile to achieve what you set for us.

Our process

You send your files

This is the first initiation contact for new clients, where you send us the files (.cdr/.dxf/.dwg) and accordingly we prepare quote for your finalization.

Design evaluation by expert team

After the first step our designing team checks your design & provide you the quotation, after accepting the terms we initiate the work.

We finalize the things & deliver to you

Once you freeze the things, we initiate the last step by making the job as per your requirements.

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We are leading manufacturer of customized Metal Sheet Fabrication

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