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CNC Bending

CNC Bending

Fast metal sheet fabrication with CNC press brake P.S.P Laser Tech Pvt. Ltd. has an independent department, where after the laser cutting process, materials are moved for bending. As per your requirement we mould the materials simply by changing the bend angles or the number of bend. Whether it’s metal sheet or a plate, any complex shape or size is achieved by using the CNC press brake machine.

The CNC press brake machine has an advantage of offering you an impressive bending service with no extra tooling costs. It has capacity of 150 tons capable of executing a job length of 3000mm. Now even the most complex bending jobs can be completed in a minimal amount of time.

Greater flexibility with faster automatic Apart from bending stainless steel and mild steel in maximum 3mm and 5mm thickness respectively, the machine accommodates a full length of 3000mm. The CNC bending unit also has a throat of 300mm depth. It will instantaneously calculate and measure the required thickness or distances, saving enormous amount of time.

With these capabilities we can undertake high-volume production challenged and deliver and excellent product while still keeping project costs at a minimum.

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